Online - Combination of 3 workshops - Age 8-9 P2

Give your child an unforgettable online experience with our dedicated themed virtual workshops that will improve their interest in technology and stimulate its development.

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Age 8-9

8 - 9 VUOTTA

Sopivuus:: Beginners

Pituus: 3 Päivää

Saatavissa olevat paikat: 10/10

83.00 EUR

Craig of the Creek
In this game we will program the familiar characters from Craig of the Creek, and they will have different missions. Craig will have to collect 10 scattered books, and Jessica will have to collect as many diamonds as possible in 30 seconds.

Angry Birds
We will make the game Angry Birds, in which we have different chickens that we can shoot and the goal is to hit all the pigs. The game is divided into three levels, and at each level we have a different chicken and a different arrangement of pigs.

In this game we will program the Spiderman character to control it with the help of the arrows. He will be able to climb buildings and collect falling diamonds from them.


This workshop brings a lot of positive emotions to the children as it gives them the opportunity to program a game in which they can complete missions with their favorite characters from Craig of the creek. This will be an extremely exciting and unforgettable experience for the children! They will work online at their own computer, along with a mentor, they will have the opportunity to create a fully completed game and, of course, will acquire a lot of new knowledge.

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