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Age 10-11

10 - 11 VUOTTA

Sopivuus:: Beginners

Pituus: 3 Päivää

Saatavissa olevat paikat: 10/10

83.00 EUR

In this game we will manage a hero from Fortnite, who will have to reach the portal to be able to go to the next level. We must avoid the red lava because if the hero touches it, it takes us back to the beginning of the level. Bonuses will also fall during the game, and the goal is to collect as many bonuses as possible.

In this game we will program our hero Pacman to wander through the maze and look for his green food. We win the game if we can eat 20 green foods. We lose the game if a spirit touches us.

In this game we will program a character that we can control and together with him to build everything we want. During the game there will be different types of animals that our hero can eat.


The kids will:

  • become very familiar with the Scratch programming environment, creating a quite complex game;

  • get acquainted with basic concepts from the world of programming;

  • carry out their creative and creative thinking;

  • make their first programs.

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