Online - Combination of 3 workshops - Age 10-11 P3

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Age 10-11

10 - 11 VUOTTA

Sopivuus:: Beginners

Pituus: 3 Päivää

Saatavissa olevat paikat: 10/10

83.00 EUR

Need for speed Drive a car
In this game we will be able to actually drive a car by turning the steering wheel, applying gas when it is raining and there are drops on the window, we can also turn on the wipers. To make the game more realistic, time and day will change, ie. the sun will rise, set, and the weather will be sunny, cloudy, and rainy, as in a real journey.

In this game we will control the hero Spiderman and we must escape from our enemy, who shoots at us. The Spiderman character can also shoot at his enemy. The goal is to kill our enemy before he ends our lives.

Star Wars
In this game we will control the hero BB8, and the goal is to shoot at the spaceships that pass through the sky. Use the mouse to shoot, and use A and D to control the character to move left and right.


The kids will:

  • become very familiar with the Scratch programming environment, creating a quite complex game;

  • get acquainted with basic concepts from the world of programming;

  • carry out their creative and creative thinking;

  • make their first programs.

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